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About Us

About Us

We love our job!

Sweet Puppy US is a family-owned company specializing in breeding Mini Dachshund in the United States. Through our selective breeding featuring champion bloodlines, we are able to offer Mini Dachshund puppies that will met 100% the most highest standard of quality with an adorable temperament and personality. These important characteristics make our puppies the perfect candidates for families looking for the ideal companion.

In Sweet Puppy US. Our commitment is to change the well known phrase “Man’s best friend” to “Family’s best fiend”.

All our puppies at an early age are exposed to our entire family. Giving them tons of love, cares, fun and family moments that prepares them to join a family with same interests.
Mini Dachshund footprint
Our objectives

What we already do

Our main goal is not only to breed great puppies for the families. But, it is also found great families for our babies.

We are absolutely sure that once you get one of our super cute puppies in your arms you will fall in love.

One of the biggest risk you will face is the temptation of having more than one. Is not easy see how adorable our puppies are and not want to have them all of them!!
Two Mini Dachshund in the park
Babys Mini Dachshund sleep
Mini Dachshund footprint

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