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Mini Dachshund in the park
Baby Mini Dachshund
About us

We love our Job!

Sweet Puppy US is a family-owned company specializing in breeding Mini Dachshund in the United States. Through our selective breeding featuring champion bloodlines, we are able to offer Mini Dachshund puppies that will met 100% the most highest standard of quality with an adorable temperament and personality. These important characteristics make our puppies the perfect candidates for families looking for the ideal companion.
Head and footprint Mini Dachshund
Mini Dachshund in the park
Baby Mini Dachshund
Best pet Care

How to care for a dachshund?

Food care

Nutrition is very important to keep your best friend healthy. Never overfeed.

Watch their back

Be careful with games that requires unnecessary back effort from your puppy.

Watch their weight

Dachshunds love to eat. But, being overweight can affect their joints and spine. Give your puppy healthy food and on healthy portions.

Daily walks

Puppies are always growing up. And to support this process they need to have good exercise sessions. Offer your puppy with daily walks routine.
Our Gallery

Dachshund Lovers Club

Mini Dachshund footprint pink
our family

Mini Dachshund Family

Two Bone Mini Dachshund
Mini Dachshund in the park


Our male Mini-Dachshund, Chocolate and Tan -Shorthair with Champion bloodline
Mini Dachshund in the park


Female Mini-Dachshund, Chocolate Dapple – Longhair
Mini Dachshund in the park


Female Mini-Dachshund, Chocolate Dapple – Shorthair


Female Chocolate and Tan Piebald – Longhair
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Two Mini Dachshund in the house

    Mini Dachshund footprint pink